In accordance with the Nosocomial Infection Control Measures issued in 2006 by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Infection Control Department was officially established in 2008. Currently, the department has 8 staff members with including 1 researcher, 1 deputy chief nurse, 1 deputy chief physician, 1 attending physician, 2 clinician and 2 public health physicians. At present, there are 4 people with master's degree. In the construction of the academic team in recent years, it has been gradually improved, with reasonable discipline echelon personnel, which are composed of three aspects: clinical infectious physicians, epidemiology and public health, and clinical hospital infection nursing management.

Infection management in our hospital plays an important role in improving medical quality and ensuring the safety of patients and medical staff. Under the strong support of hospital leaders and colleagues, the department carried out routine work of nosocomial infection management, including monitoring, prevention and management. The comprehensive intervention of three kinds of catheter-related infection, surgical site infection, multi-drug-resistant bacteria infection and antibacterial drug management were emphasized, and good results were obtained. In 2013, our hospital became one of the first hospitals in tianjin to apply informatization for hospital infection management. At present, we are gradually improving the data docking with other departments, so as to make the hospital infection prevention and control work even better.

Our Team
Yue Wang M.D.
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