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Days trillion adhering to the concept of independent innovation and the pursuit of excellence, is committed to a nationwide promotion whole house home receive custom and humanity idea, leading the development of China's custom furniture industry and environmental protection household concept, become China's modern household culture, advocate humanistic household concept, the infinite non-standard customized practitioners, intelligent manufacturing, day products guaranteed.

Do I need to change the door for the fingerprint lock? I don't know whether you have this question before changing the fingerprint lock. If you think there is a lock on your door now, you can't change the lock, then your idea is wrong, only you can't think of it, without our master can't do it! As long as you are determined to change the fingerprint lock, our master can take you from a traditional lock to a smart home in a few hours. Why switch to smart locks?

1, there is a nanny in the home, nanny resigned not to change the lock, the head of the household in the heart is not practical; Nanny employment period, directly to its use of fingerprints, do not have the key, after quitting delete fingerprint is very convenient and so on, rest assured! Worry!

2, go out shopping home, physical and mental exhaustion, bag small bag to find the key to open the door is very troublesome, the use of intelligent lock with finger touch can open the door, convenient!

3, go out to take out the garbage, get things, forgot to take the key was locked out, ask someone to open the lock after too much embarrassment.

4, a lot of people (especially the elderly) have the habit of morning exercise or weekend exercise, exercise when you do not need to take the key, do exercises, running and other activities are very convenient.

5, home relatives or friends visit, no keys, no fingerprints, you can tell the password, (three kinds of lock are independent) the door can still open. If feel inconvenient, friends and relatives can be changed at any time after the departure, the operation is very convenient.

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